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Painting: Tai Chi Feeling

"Tai Chi Feeling" - An electric-like current that courses healingly through the body like flowing water, calming the spirit and clearing the mind.
@JHM 2016, Mogwart Collection

-- Feel the moonlight, inhale the floral scent, heed the call of the butterfly dance, and respect the dead tree. Now begin. --

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What is Tai Chi?

Is it for everyone?

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What is the Tai Chi Master's Guide?

Unexpected Benefits?

2017 Senior Olympics Performance: John Messing (Gold Medal)(Chen 26 form)

Note - While Tai Chi is considered a gentle form of exercise, as with other physical activity, there is a risk of physical injury. Consult with a medical professional of your choice before undertaking, if you have or should suspect physical limitations, or are pregnant, and do not overexert yourself.
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